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My name is Ana. 24 years old. Citizen of the world.

I am a cheerful and dynamic 24-year-old Portuguese girl, who is always looking ahead for new challenges and good opportunities to have the broadest life experience possible.


I am currently working as a trainee at DG Communication of the European Commission, after working for the Department of Public Information of the United Nations in Brussels for one year.


I have a great interest in the European Union and in cultural projects and intercultural exchanges, something that is shown by the different projects and activities I have participated in over the past few years, as well as by my academic path that includes a Master’s in European Studies (University College London) and a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations (University of Coimbra) with a five-month period as an Erasmus student in Paris (Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris) .


Some of my other interests are related to public opinion in the EU (subject of my MA dissertation), media and communication in the broader sense.I like to be engaged in organising and planning events, and for that reason I have been involved in the organisation of projects like Model European Union (MEU), an annual simulation of the EU that takes place in the European Parliament headquarters in Strasbourg.


For this project, as for most of the projects I take part in, I was an element of a big team, which means that I am fully able to understand the importance of working as part of a team, communicating with our colleagues, building a mutual understanding and contributing to the motivation of the whole team.

"It takes people to make the dream a reality"


Walt Disney




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